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NefariousTalks: Here to change your life and influence your way of thinking.

Greetings Human: Welcome to My World!

My name is Ashley. I identify as an artist. Pretty savage career choice if you ask me but I'm here for it. I've started this blog as a virtual "notebook" where I plan to dump some insight for anyone willing to lend an ear. Or an eye technically cause you'll be reading, haha. I aim to ignite something in my readers, whatever it may be. Through talks about artist life, traveling, mom'ing, spirituality and more, I hope to educate, influence or move my little nefarious friends.

Feel free to contribute to these talks by suggesting topics and giving feedback on what you'd like to hear more about. This blog isn't just about me, it's for everyone.

I'm ecstatic to share this space with you.

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